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Have you ever wanted to wake up to a cup of Chattahooligans Coffee!? Now you can! 

Created by the Chattahooligansroasted by Mean Mug Coffee Roasters, and then packaged and sent to you by the Chattanooga Coffee Box!

A portion of all sales will go toward the Chattahooligan general fund.

"The Chattahooligans are an Independent supporters group for Chattanooga Football Club. CFC is our passion. We care about our community and our city as much as our club. We boast a culture of inclusivity where all are welcome. We make hospitality a priority. We are excellent to each other."

Grab a bag of Chattahooligans Coffee Blend for a one-time purchase, or subscribe weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  

1 bag x 12 oz. | brews 18-24 cups


Honduras & Ethiopia
(Juicy, Floral, and Red Apple Acidity)

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