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Drink Good Coffee for a Change with Humphreys Street

Humphreys Street Coffee in Nashville, TN is no ordinary brew. The roastery and coffee shop are run primarily by teenagers from some of South Nashville’s most underinvested communities. 

Humphreys Street is a social enterprise that exists to employ and empower teens in order to develop leaders and provide pathways out of poverty.

Let’s break that down a little.

Humphreys Street is a social enterprise.

A social enterprise is an organization that utilizes commercial/for-profit strategies to make a social impact. In our case, that looks like hiring students in South Nashville to run a roastery and coffee shop. Humphreys Street isn’t your average nonprofit coffee shop. We maintain the highest standards for our beans because we believe in offering a high-quality product that turns customers into lifelong supporters.

We exist to employ and empower teens.

Nationally, after school hours are the highest for youth violence. We echo the words of Greg Boyle when he says, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.” We exist to create after school jobs for teens in a neighborhood where few positive economic opportunities exist.

But Humphreys Street is more than just an after school job. Students employed at Humphreys Street also gain access to financial literacy training, tutoring, mentoring, counseling, ACT prep courses, and more.

We do this in order to develop leaders and provide pathways out of poverty.

Healthy communities need strong leaders. Oftentimes, positive leaders in urban neighborhoods leave their community, creating a leadership vacuum. We believe it is essential to the development of our communities to raise up leaders who give back to their neighborhoods. We do this by creating opportunities for students to lead and providing access to tools that help them utilize and hone their leadership skills. We also promote a culture of mentoring by encouraging students to mentor other students and prioritizing hiring local leaders whenever possible.

In short, we don’t hire students to make coffee; we make coffee to hire students. When you drink a cup of Humphreys Street coffee, you’re Drinking Good Coffee for a Change.

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